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Prelude Awards ; A Final Fantasy VI Icontest

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Welcome to Prelude Awards, a Final Fantasy VI based icontest.


01; Icons must have the image provided within them or any other image that the challenge consists of.
02; Please don't vote for yourself.
--02a; Under certain circumstances will a mod put up in the voting post if you can or cannot vote for yourself (i.e. a small amount of icons)
03; Please don't show off or distribute your icon until voting it over. If you're found to be showing/using it, you will be disqualified.
04; Animated, Still, and Hush icons are all allowed, unless otherwise noted.
05; Fanart and Doujinshi images are allowed in your icon.
06; Up to 2 icons are allowed to be submited, unless otherwise noted.
07; Be kind to your fellow iconists.
08; Have fun~

Submitting your icons is easy! Just submit them to the provided screenpost(the one with the challenge) like this:


Voting will happen every Friday and Saturday, and will be closed on Sunday as so the winner can be announced.

Sunday the challenge will be said. So you have until 5:00 PM Eastern time on Friday to submit. On Friday the icons will go up and can vote on which you believe to earn their place until Saturday and on Sunday the winners will be announced.

Voting will be provided with poll boxes. You will put in which icon you believe deserves 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Mod's choice will be picked by the mod.

getthedreaming . Your mod's personal icon journal
forgetfaith . Your co-mod's personal icon journal
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final_chorus . Final Fantasy icons put to everyday music.
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satansicons . Nice variety. Icon journal of schizophrenic
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ff_awards . An icontest for all Final Fantasy games
locke_celes . A Locke x Celes fan community
ff7_awards . Icontest that spans Final Fantasy VII
ff8_awards . Icontest for FFVIII
cloud_awards . A Cloud Icontest
adventawards . A Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Icontest
silver_icontest . Icontest vased on the stars of the silver screen
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If you would like to affiliate yourself with preludeawards please go to this post and say so.